Audiocenter A13.0

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Product Overview

A13.0 offers  1300 watts at 8Ω stereo. Each channel works at 2Ω to satisfy all requirements.

A13.0 adopts Audiocenter latest Class H+ circuit to eliminate the Class H cross switching distortion.

A13.0  adopts carefully selected components like toroidal transformers, high-quality capacitors, Onsemi transistors, Neutrik input connectors and superior audio wires, etc. High quality materials and technology ensure the reliability and safety, which makes A13.0 suitable in any kind of extremely cold, hot or wet working environment. It can be widely used in fixed installation and touring performance such as entertainment venues, multi-functional hall, museum, religious venue, commerce site, lecture hall, wedding ceremony, etc.



Rated Power(20Hz-20KHz, <0.1%THD)

2×1300W@8Ω stereo

2×1950W@4Ω stereo

2×2100W@2Ω stereo

3900W@8Ω bridge

4200W@4Ω bridge

A-Guard Protection System

DC protection /Short circuit protection /Smart overheat management /Overheat protection /Input overload protection /Output overload protection /Soft startup protection / Limiter protection Up to 9V

Frequency Response(1W 8Ω stereo)




Input Connectors

Output Connectors

NEUTRIK® Famale XLR &  Jack

Binding post & Speakon NL 4MP

Filter Capacitor Capacity

12000μf / 100V×12

Input Impedance

Balanced 20KΩ/ Unbalanced 10KΩ

Crosstalk(20Hz-20KHz, Rated power 8Ω)


S/N Ratio(Rated power 8Ω, A weighted)


Damping Factor(1KHz&8Ω)


Intermodulation Distortion(20Hz-20KHz, half power)


Total Harmonic Distortion(20Hz-20KHz, Rated power 8Ω)


Phase Response(1W&8Ω, 20Hz-20KHz)

20Hz+4°  20KHz-12°

Slew Rate


Output Circuitry

Class H+

Power Consumption(Dual channel driven 4Ω, 1/8RMS/230V)


Rack Space



Back to front  venting, mandatory cooling



Net Weight



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