Beyma 4FR40 - 4" Loose Speaker

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  • 4” full-range compact ferrite loudspeaker
  • 80 W program power
  • Extended response and low distortion
  • Paper cone and SantopreneTM surround
  • Pressed steel basket
  • Ceramic magnet
  • Ideal form beam-steering application (columns), portable array and compact applications        


Nominal diameter Rated impedance Minimum impedance Power capacity 1

Program power 2 Sensitivity Frequency range

100 mm         4 in

8 Ω

7,3 Ω


80 W

87 dB    1W / 1m @ ZN

100 - 20.000 Hz

Resonant frequency, fs

D.C. Voice coil resistance, Re Mechanical Quality Factor, Qms Electrical Quality Factor, Qes Total Quality Factor, Qts Equivalent Air Volume to Cms, Vas Mechanical Compliance, Cms

92 Hz

6,4 Ω




2,8 l

668 mm / N

Voice coil diameter

20,3 mm

0,8 in

Mechanical Resistance, Rms

0,23 kg / s

Bl factor


4,2 N/A

Efficiency, η0

0,22 %

Moving mass


0,0044 kg

Effective Surface Area, Sd

0,0055 m2

Voice coil length


7,7 mm

Maximum Displacement, Xmax 4

3 mm

Air gap height


5 mm

Displacement Volume, Vd

Voice Coil Inductance, Le @ 1 kHz

11 cm3

0,2 mH








1 The power capaticty is determined according to AES2-1984 (r2003) standard.

2 Program power is defined as power capacity + 3 dB.

3 T-S parameters are measured after an exercise period using a preconditioning power test. The measurements are carried out with a velocity-current laser transducer and will reflect the long term parameters (once the loudspeaker has been working for a short period of time).

4 The Xmax is calculated as (Lvc - Hag)/2 + (Hag/3,5), where Lvc is the voice coil length and Hag is the air gap height.

5 Product designed by Acústica Beyma S.L.

Note: Frequency response measured with loudspeaker standing on infinite baffle in anechoic chamber, 1W @ 1m[Hz]

Frequency response on axis Frequency response 45º off axis