Hybrid LSM-1 Live Streaming DSP Microphone

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The Newest and Smartest Option for Live Mobile Streaming

brought to you by Hybrid

With it’s built in Digital Sound Processor, the LSM-1 is the perfect solution for your Singing, Live Streaming, Recording and Podcasting needs all in one smart, affordable device.

Colour LCD Screen

Make use of the LSM-1’s Colour LCD Screen to save all your favourite settings and recall them with ease.

Noise Gate

The noise gate helps to reduce any background noise and provide clean audio signal wherever you are.

Adjustable Pitch

The adjustable pitch settings can shift your voice over a full two octaves (one octave up and one octave down).

Feedback Suppression

A very important feature for anyone wishing to use their microphone with active speakers in the same environment, the LSM-1 features Feedback Suppression so that headphones don’t have to be your only option during use.

Wet/Dry Effects and Mixing Control Control

Independently control how much of the on-board Reverb and Echo Effect you want your audio to have at the click of a button, whether your sound is a cozy room or a grand theatre.

Presets and Pro EQ Options

For ease of use, you can choose between the five built-in EQ Presets or use the Pro-Mode Parametric adjustable EQ to taste.

USB Support for PC

The built-in sound card, connect the LSM-1 to your PC to record your audio straight to your favourite DAW/Editing Software.

Dual Phone Input and Output

Multi-input connectivity allows you to live stream for two users at the same time whether for Musical Accompaniment or Online Podcast Discussion.



  • Colour LCD Screen
  • Dual Input
  • Dual Output
  • 6 Anti-feedback Settings
  • Dry/Wet Effects Mix Control
  • 24 Pitch Shifting Settings
  • 5 EQ Band Settings
  • 5 Audio Effects
  • Realtime Monitoring
  • High-performance DSP
  • 1500mAh Lithium Battery
  • Compatible with Android and IOS