Hybrid MICHYB074 Microphone Wireless Single Lapel Variable Frequency U-SVB

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Product Features

  • Dual Variable Frequency.
  • Adopts the SMT Process, where Circuit Board Design is Compact.
  • UHF Band (863-865MHz).
  • An Efficient Battery Energy Design that Allows for Longer Continuous Battery Operation.
  • The Receiver and Trasmitter use LCD Screen to Show the Frequency.
  • Dedicated to Large and Small Stages, Dance Halls, Conference Rooms and Family Entertainment. -Multiple Noise Control Circuit, Helping for Extrenal Disturbance.
  • Excellent Dynamic Heart-Shaped Cartridge for a Clearer Sound.
  •  Open use Disatnce of More than 50 Meters.
  • Lapel UHF Variable Frequency Wireless Microphone2 x Groups w 10 Channels/Group
  • 20 Selectable Freq
  • Balanced Line XLR
  • OutputUnbalanced 1/4" Jack Output
  • 50 Meter Stable (Line of Sight)Audio
  • Frequency Response: 30Hz - 20KHz
  • Low Batt Indicator
  • LCD Display on Transmitter & Receiver

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