Lane Fs-502b - Tripod Heavy Duty Speaker Stand

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Constructed with Safety Pin locks which prevent joint bolts from being undone due to vibrations which can be caused by loud music and Heavy bass, this safety measure ensures your speakers don't come crashing down during a Gig performance

Full Metal Joint Hub strongest 

Clamp Style Tension Locks 

Special Design: Safety Pin Lock 

Tripod Base 

Top Mounting Plate 

Tube Diameter  35mm /38mm

Loading Capacity 80kg

Constructed with Strong, Lightweight Tubing Safety Pin for Maximum Strength and Security 

Clamp style tension locks 

Black Finish for low Stand Visibility to blend with stage Environment ? 4 Safety Lockable Adjustments Ensures support of heavy loads ? Height Adjustable 1220 to 1800 mm ? Floor Space 500 to 1000mm ?avoid the diffuse reflection from the voice and the ground .then the voice will more clear .of cause .it will also reduce the Vibration at the same time .it wi

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