Lane - LR-627 Dual Hand Wireless Mic Set

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his product uses Innovative design such as PLL dual channel phaselocked loop, UHF frequency and random digital pilot, each channel has a randomly generated identification code and preset frequency to resist interference effectively; this product also uses audio compression expansion, high-fidelity audio transmission, etc. to delivers high-quality sound quality, itis the easiest way to achieve the best sound.

Chassis specifications: Model A/ Model D : 420 x 180 x 45mm

Model B/ Model C: 210 * 180 x 45mm

Model E: 420x180x90mm Main manufacturing materials: ABS panel + metal chassis / pure aluminum panel + metal chassis

Pickup form: moving coil / condenser Polar pattern: ultra-cardioid

Audio input: wireless audio input Audio output: 6.35 standard Jack, XLR standard jack Receiving distance: 50 meters (ideal environment is Up to 80 meters)


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