Lane LR-638 - 8PC Wireless Microphone System

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8PC Wireless Microphone System

System specification. 


Frequency range: 610-690 MHz (other bands can be customized) Receiving mode: Secondary superheterodyne frequency conversion

Antenna impedance: 50 0

Maximum frequency deviation: 75 kHz

De-emphasis: 12 us. Frequency stability: $10.002%

Receiving sensitivity: <-105dBm

Signal to noise ratio: 279 db.

T.H.D.: <5%

Frequency response: 50 hz-16 kHz

Max output level: 0.95V Net noise blockage: 210dB

Power consumption: 5 W

Power: external power adaptor

Receive distance: 50M


RF frequency: 610-690 MHz (other bands can be customized) Transmit mode: wireless micropower

Antenna impedance: 500

Modulation mode: FM

Maximum frequency deviation: 75 kHz

Pre-emphasis: 12 us

Input impedance: 600 02

Frequency stability: 10 ppm. RF power: 10 mW

Fake signal radiation: lower than60 dB

Signal to noise ratio: >70 db

Frequency response: 50 hz-16 khz T.H.D.: 55%

Power consumption: about 120 mA Power: 1.5V AA * 2