Lane M604B

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The Lane M604 8 Piece Wireless Microphone System is a UHF wireless microphone system with selectable frequencies and balanced XLR outputs. It is designed for professional audio applications and offers reliable wireless performance.

UHF Wireless Technology

The system operates on the UHF frequency range, which provides a stable and interference-free wireless connection.

8-Piece Set

The Lane M604B system includes four wireless headset microphones & four wireless lapel, allowing multiple performers or speakers to use the system simultaneously.

Selectable Frequencies

The system offers selectable frequencies, which allows you to choose the best frequency for your specific environment to avoid interference.

Balanced XLR Outputs

The microphones are equipped with balanced XLR outputs, ensuring high-quality audio signal transmission with minimal noise and interference.

Professional Grade

The Lane M604 is designed for professional use, making it suitable for live performances, conferences, presentations, and other audio applications where reliable wireless microphones are needed.


System 500mhz-980mhz
Frequency Range Digital Modulation PSK
Modulation Mode 49khz
Channel Spacing >300khz
Audio Signal To Noise Ratio >96db
Frequency Response 30Hz-20khz
Oscillation Mode VCO Oscillation Inside The Chip


Antenna BNC/50 Ohm
Sensitivity -96dbm
Harmonic Interference Ration >80db
False Interference Ratio >70db
Power Consumption 2W
Audio Output 6.35 Socket Mixed Unbalanced Output
Power DC 12V/500ma
Receiving Distance 50Meteres


Frequency Range 500mhz-980mhz
Transmission Power 10mw
Maximum Input Sound Pressure 100db
Cartridge Dynamic
Audio Frequency Response 30Hz-20khz+3db
Batteries AA 1.5Vx2
Battery Usage Time On Average Power Consumption 6+ Hours