M-Audio AXIOM AIR 25

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Premium USB MIDI Controller and Pad Controller - 25 Key

Take command of your studio while achieving higher levels of musical expression with Axiom AIR 25 from M-Audio. Offering unprecedented control, Axiom AIR 25 brings together unmatched ease-of-use plus empowering software to form the ultimate studio centrepiece. Program beats, loops, and grooves using 16 easily assignable trigger pads and 25 solid, responsive keys. Experience hands-on control of your sessions using illuminated knobs, a long-throw fader, plus an array of dedicated transport and software navigation buttons. Hyper Control unites your hardware and software by automatically mapping the controllers—with no set up chores to perform—so you can start working faster. Completing this powerful package is Ignite—the music creation software from AIR—providing the fastest path for capturing ideas and making music. Included Software - Ableton Live Lite: Ableton Live Lite delivers much of the functionality of Ableton Live—the revolutionary, multi-award winning music production solution that allows you to spontaneously compose, record, remix, improvise and edit your musical ideas in a seamless audio/MIDI environment. Live brings your acoustic, electronic and virtual instruments—as well as your digital audio recordings and MIDI sequences—together in a single interface with unparalleled ease of use. Ignite Music Creation Software: Ignite offers a new musician-based workflow that empowers your ideas and brings them to life. Feature: - 25 expressive synth-action keys with after touch. - 16 great-feeling trigger pads respond to pressure and velocity. - Roll button aids in creating realistic drum parts. - Assignable controls offer front-panel programming. - 8 rotary encoder knobs plus 1 long-throw 70mm fader. - 3 banks of pad and knob assignments with color-coded illumination. - Hyper Control automatically maps controllers to popular software. - Drum Pad Learn feature and Identify button allow you to work quickly. - Dedicated transport and navigation buttons make recording easy. - Octave/Transpose buttons access the entire note range, in any key. - Assignable pitch bend and modulation performance wheels. - Selectable velocity curves to match your playing style. - 128 memory locations for saving your custom settings. - Functional design provides backlit LCD plus under-keyboard cable routing. - Class-compliant with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Mac OS X. - Power Jack for external power supply (9V DC, 500 mA, 2.5mm positive tip - not included). - Includes Ignite by AIR and Ableton Live Lite - Dimensions: 140x569x472