Monitor Audio Bronze 2 Rosemah (PAIR)

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  • Powerful bookshelf speaker
  • New C-CAM gold dome tweeter
  • New 6-1/2" bass driver with concave 'dished' C-CAM cone profile
  • Rigid 18mm MDF construction throughout, employing radial and cross-bracing techniques for high rigid
  • Premium quality vinyl veneer finish

Product description

Monitor Audio's Bronze 2 bookshelf speaker builds on the strength of its predecessor the Bronze BX2's audiophile credibility with a neutral tonal balance and high detail resolution combined with high overall efficiency and power handling. These are the perfect ingredients for compelling listening. Armed with a larger 6.5" C-CAM bass driver compared to the smaller Bronze 1 along with a front-firing HiVe II port and 1" C-CAM gold tweeter, the turbo-charged Bronze 2 is capable of effortless dynamic scale and presence. For a speaker of its size, the Bronze 2 will deliver breathtaking results. The proprietary bass and mid drivers responsible for Bronze's open, expressive and naturally rhythmic quality utilize a new type of 'dished' C-CAM cone, which employs the entire cone surface to radiate sound. Unbroken by the center pole-piece aperture of conventional driver designs, the cone is inherently more rigid and efficient while being less prone to break-up under high drive conditions, resulting in exceptional detail resolution and life-like tonality. Structural improvements in dome geometry and drive mechanism have boosted accuracy and extension at the top end of the tweeter's range as well, generating the extraordinary high frequency quality that helps to define the sound of the Bronze series. Monitor Audio's restless desire for the most blissful combination of great sound and design at all price points, demands that where possible the company share the technology across ranges so that driver designs and analytic tools developed upstream serve to enhance ranges further down. In many ways the new Bronze has everything to gain from Monitor Audio's dynamic forty-year design heritage. Enriched as it is with elements of Platinum, Gold, and Silver, the brilliant new Bronze series will transcend the expectations of its price class and eclipse even its venerated multi-award winning predecessor Bronze BX.

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