Monitor Audio MRW10

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The MRW-10 subwoofer uses a 10” MMP® II driver and 100 Watt Class-D power amplifier, devised in tandem to provide superior standards of control, speed and punch.


MRW10 technology
  • 10” MMP®II subwoofer driver
  • Class-D power amplifier
  • Switch mode power supply
  • Modelled on the hugely successful, award-winning Bronze Reference Series
  • Re-tuned, optimising every detail to re-define our meaning of entry-level
  • Equipped to compete with many more expensive offerings from rival brands and capable of jaw-dropping audio resolution in two-channel and multi-channel systems.
  • Pearlescent vinyl finishes


Low Frequency Limit

28 Hz

Upper Frequency Limit

45 - 150 Hz

Low Pass Filter Alignment

12dB/octave filter

Cabinet Alignment

Bass reflex. 18mm construction.

Amplifier Output

100 watts

Drive Unit Compliment

1 x 10" Long throw driver

Input Impedance

20K Ohms

Mains Input Voltage

110 - 120 Vac
220 - 240 Vac

External Dimensions (H x W x D)

320 x 320 x 340 mm (12 5/8 x 12 5/8 x 13 3/8 inch)

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