PreSonus® Eris® Pro Sub 10

PreSonus® Eris® Pro Sub 10

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10-inch, Active, Front-Firing Studio Subwoofer

10-Inch, Active, Front-Firing Studio Subwoofer

Intended for serious personal studios and professional music-production environments, the Eris® Pro Sub 10 helps you take charge of the low-frequency foundation of your mix. An ideal companion to Eris Pro- and Eris Studio-series reference monitors, the Eris Pro Sub 10 complements full-range monitors without overshadowing them and extends the reach of your full-range system's low end with a natural sound.

Powerful and musical, the PreSonus® Eris Pro Sub 10 active, front-firing studio subwoofer is designed to deliver fast and accurate transient response, extending low frequencies down to 20 Hz, allowing you to hear the full-spectrum range of your mix. Driven by 170W (RMS) Class AB amplification, the Eris Pro Sub 10's 10-inch, glass-composite, low-frequency driver delivers tight, responsive sub-bass, thanks to its lightweight and rigid cone. This design provides lower distortion than other materials for sub-bass reproduction that's as coherent and clear as your full-range monitors.

Extensive user controls include input gain, continuously variable lowpass filter for creating a seamless crossover transition, and a switchable highpass filter that removes content below 80 Hz from the full-range signal sent to the monitors. A continuously variable lowpass filter (50 Hz to 130 Hz) allows you to create a seamless crossover transition between the full-range studio monitors and subwoofer for the most accurate listening environment possible.

  • 10-inch, front-firing, glass-composite, low-frequency transducer
  • Front-firing, bass-reflex acoustic port
  • Continuously variable lowpass filter (50 Hz to 130 Hz) sets the upper frequency reproduced by the subwoofer
  • Switchable highpass filter removes frequency content below 80 Hz from the full-range subwoofer outputs to the main monitors
  • Momentary footswitch (included) bypasses the subwoofer, highpass filter, and Sub Out
  • Input gain control (-30 dB to +6 dB, continuously variable), polarity invert switch, and ground-lift switch
  • 170 watt (RMS), Class AB amplification for up to 113 dB SPL, with a frequency response of 20 to 200 Hz
  • Left and right, balanced XLR and ¼-inch TRS and unbalanced RCA main inputs
  • Left and right balanced XLR and ¼-inch TRS outputs and XLR subwoofer output for connecting a second Eris® Pro Sub 10

Highlights & Specs
Versatile Connectivity.

Eris® Pro Sub 10 subwoofers provide the connections needed to act as the central hub for a basic monitoring setup, including left and right balanced XLR and ¼-inch TRS and unbalanced RCA main inputs. Connect full-range monitors with left and right balanced XLR or ¼-inch TRS outputs. An XLR subwoofer output lets you connect a second Pro Sub 10.

Versatile connectivity.
Seamless System Integration.

The Eris® Pro Sub 10 integrates seamlessly with your full-range monitors. A variable lowpass filter sets the upper (crossover) frequency reproduced by the subwoofer. A switchable highpass filter on the full-range outputs helps avoid frequency cancellation and reinforcement in the subwoofer’s upper range, while a polarity-invert function ensures your system is in phase. A momentary footswitch (included) makes it easy to compare your mix with or without sub-bass frequencies.

Seamless system integration.
  • Voltage
  • Wattage
    250W Peak, 170W RMS
  • Cabinet Material
    Vinyl-Laminated, Medium-Density Fiberboard
  • Connection Type
  • Protections
    RF Interference
    Output-Current Limiting
    Turn-On/Off Transient
    Subsonic Filter
  • Audio Switches
    Polarity Switch: 0 degrees or 180 degreesGround Lift Switch: On/OffHigh Pass Filter Switch: On/OffBypass Footswitch: On/Off
  • Audio Controls
    Input Gain Range: -30 to +6 dBLow Pass Filter Control: 50 Hz to 130 Hz
  • Peak SPL
    113 dB (@ 1 Meter)
  • Monitor Inputs
    2- Balanced XLR, 2- Balanced 1/4" TRS, 2- Unbalanced RCA
  • LF Transducers
    10" Glass-Composite, Front-Firing
  • Frequency Response
    20 Hz to 200 Hz
  • Monitor Amplifier Power
    250W Peak, 170W RMS