SHURE PGX24E/SM58-L5 (Single Handheld Cordless Microphone)

SHURE PGX24E/SM58-L5 (Single Handheld Cordless Microphone)

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The Shure PGX Series wireless microphone systems combine the convenience of single touch remote channel setup with the reliability of diversity UHF operation. Channel and frequency settings are remotely synchronized from the transmitter to the receiver via infrared. The result allows for fast set up time and enhanced user control. The user friendly yet rugged design of the Shure PGX systems measure up to provide years of reliable use in halls, houses-of-worship, clubs, theaters, restaurants, bars, etc. This system includes the PGX4 receiver and PGX2 handheld transmitter with SM58 microphone capsule.

The PGX4 receiver operates over an 18MHz UHF bandwidth with the flexibility of selecting up to 90 UHF frequencies. The diversity design enables dual internal receiver circuits to compete for the strongest possible reception. The result minimizes noise and RF interference. The rear panel features XLR and 1/4" phone outputs. An infrared port enables frequency information to sync with the transmitter remotely.

The PGX2 handheld transmitter includes the SM58 cardioid microphone head. The cardioid polar pattern reduces pick up at the off-axis sections of the capsule, reducing noise and providing higher gain-before-feedback response. A 2-position input level switch adjusts input level and reduces noise due to signal overload. The transmitter operates up to 8 hours on 2 AA-size batteries.

Infrared Sync Port

The PGX series transmitters and receiver feature infrared remote synchronization of channel and frequency status.

Frequency Agile UHF

The PGX series wireless microphone systems provide up to 90 selectable UHF frequencies and operate on an 18MHz UHF bandwidth.

Diversity Reception

The PGX4 receiver features twin receiver circuits which minimizes noise and drop out caused by RF interference.