On-Stage SSA100B Speaker Stand Skit

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Product Description

he black SSA100 Speaker/Lighting Stand Skirt gives your speaker or lighting stand a clean and elegant look, well suited for weddings, corporate events, and other productions where an upscale aesthetic is desired. The SSA100 is made from a durable stretchy nylon fabric that fits neatly around two sides of a standard tripod stand, while the included hook & loop strap attaches to the top of the stand and helps stretch the fabric up to 6'. The third side remains open for easy cabling and gear storage. The machine-washable fabric has been treated with flame retardant and maintains flame resistance for up to 30 washings. 

  • Creates a clean, elegant appearance on most speaker or lighting stands
  • Two-sided coverage hides cables and cords, while still providing easy access
  • Great for weddings, banquets, worship services, or any event
  • Durable fabric stretches up to 6’ high, and the hook & loop strap makes for easy set-up and tear down
  • Machine washable
  • Treated with flame retardant. Remains flame resistant for up to 30 launderings

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